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As part of our professional standards and dedication to industry improvement, the partners of Counsilman-Hunsaker regularly write and publish professional articles, many of which have been compiled here. This practice helps us to continually raise the bar for ourselves; to challenge our assumptions and to push the envelope of creativity and innovation.


  • Spring Loaded – Top 10 Attributes of a World-Class Diving Venue - December 1, 2014

    Published: Athletic Business
    By Doug Cook
    The design of a world-class diving venue requires understanding diving fac… more

  • It’s a Numbers Game - November 30, 2014

    Published: Parks and Rec Business
    By Kevin Post and George Deines
    In a world where the goal is getting closer and closer t… more

  • Planning the Perfect Waterpark - April 30, 2014

    Published: Park and Rec Business
    By Kevin Post
    Rather than traditional flat water rectangular pools, stimulating wat… more

  • Waterpark Success: Designing the Perfect Waterpark - April 19, 2012

    Published: World Waterpark – Development and Expansion Guide
    November 2011-2012 issue
    By: Kevin Post
    Rather than t… more

  • Including Operations & Personnel in the Design Process - November 6, 2011

    Key factors to consider before designing your next aquatic venue.
    By Scot Hunsaker
    An engineer, an architect and a lawy… more

  • Cold Comfort - November 6, 2011

    Published: Aquatics International
    By Doug Cook and Matt Reynolds

  • Addicted to Subsidies? - October 27, 2011

    By Scott Hester | October 2011
    Aquatics International
    Here’s the simple truth: If your facility relies on subsi… more

  • Hitting the Mark - October 1, 2009

    Presenting a strong RFP or RFQ is the first step in completing a facility or renovation that stands the tests of time and b… more

  • Games Swimmers Play - October 1, 2009

    Collegiate aquatic centers are increasingly incorporating design elements and equipment that accommodate high-ac… more

  • Managing a Cutting Edge Aquatic Center - January 1, 2009

    Read what to look for when choosing an Aquatics Director.
    By Kevin Post and Michelle Schwartz | 2009
    Recreation Managem… more

  • Municipal Spas? - October 1, 2008

    Read why it is important for public aquatic facilities to keep up with the times.
    By D. Scot Hunsaker and Michelle Schwar… more

  • Liquid Escapes - January 1, 2008

    Read how stimulating waterscapes are becoming the norm for hotels, country clubs and municipalities.
    By Carol Anders… more

  • Hot Trends - January 1, 2008

    Why did it take so long for municipal aquatic trends to head West?
    By Patricia Soto and Michelle Schwartz | 2008
    Californ… more

  • Third-Party Aquatic Center Management: A Look at the Pros & Cons - January 1, 2008

    Management investment must ensure that the facility’s future continues to thrive and challenge itself.
    By Kev… more

  • Need for Speed - January 1, 2007

    Five keys to understanding the fast pool phenomenon. What is the price of speed?
    By Steve Crocker and Michelle Schwartz… more

  • Forces of Nature - January 1, 2007

    How natural elements such as rain, flood, freeze, and snow impact the integrity of the pool shell, pipes and structures… more

  • Diving into the Future - January 1, 2007

    Learning from past experience and gathering information about current trends to helps you plan for the future aquatic… more

  • Sink or Swim - January 1, 2007

    Maintaining a successful public-sector waterpark is as easy as 1-2-3.

    By Scott W. Hester and Michelle Schwartz | 2007
    S… more

  • Recipe for Success - January 1, 2007

    An overview of common mistakes, timelines, and where to start when building a municipal aquatic center
    By Scot Hunsake… more

  • Dream Facility 2006 - January 1, 2006

    The Counsilman Hunsaker Dream Facility is a collaboration of the entire company.
    Aquatics International magazine, 2… more

  • Dream Weaving - January 1, 2005

    Condensing multiple visions into one is an involved yet necessary step in the process of planning outdoor aquatic faci… more

  • Dream Facility 2005 - January 1, 2005

    The Counsilman Hunsaker Dream Facility is a collaboration of the entire company.
    Aquatics International magazine, 2… more

  • Leisure Pools Go To College - January 1, 1999

    The development of campus leisure pools represents just one facet of the changing recreation scene at colleges and uni… more

  • After the Games - May 31, 1998

    What becomes of Olympic pools when the athletes and spectators go home?
    By Joe Hunsaker | May/June 1998.
    Aquatics Inter… more

  • Getting Pool Light Right - March 1, 1998

    Find out why choosing the right windows and lighting will help avoid glare and reflections in a natatorium.
    By Scot Huns… more

  • Pricing Pools - January 1, 1998

    Read how to determine how much your new pool will cost.
    By Scot Hunsaker | 1998
    Athletic Business
    When trying to estimate… more

  • Great Expectations - January 1, 1998

    How to meet expections of both owner and users when designing an aquatic venue.

    By Joe Hunsaker | 1998
    Aquatics Intern… more

  • Filtration Fundamental - January 1, 1997

    Project-specific needs determine commercial pools’ choice of filtration systems.

    By Scot Hunsaker | 1997
    Athleti… more

  • Winning Pocketbook Support for Public Facilities - January 1, 1997

    What it takes to sufficiently fund a community aquatic center.
    Scot Hunsaker | 1997
    Park and Recreation
    Money may not bu… more

  • Clean and Balanced - March 1, 1996

    Choosing the best sanitization product for your pool, i.e., sodium hydrochlorite, ozone or bromine.
    By Scot Hunsaker… more

  • Have a Plan Before You Take the Plunge - February 1, 1996

    Find out how a feasibility study can help analyse the needs and desires of the community.
    By Scot Hunsaker | February 199… more

  • Capital Improvements - January 1, 1994

    How Jefferson City, Missouri, renovated and updated Memorial Park Swimming Pool.
    By Scot Hunsaker | 1994
    Athletic B… more

  • Aquatic Management, Seasonally - January 1, 1993

    How to manage your business in the off season.
    By Scot Hunsaker | 1993
    Athletic Business
    As someone who works in the aquat… more

  • Under the Surface - December 1, 1992

    Is your pool 15, 20, 25 years old? It may be time to conduct a natatorium facility audit.

    By Joe Hunsaker | December 1992
    At… more

  • What You Should Know Before You Build - July 1, 1992

    How does the design and construction process begin?
    By Joe Hunsaker | July 1992
    Park & Recreation

    Organized activi… more

  • Protected From the Elements - January 1, 1992

    Read how indoor waterparks can offer fun year-round.
    By Scot Hunsaker | 1992
    Aquatics International

    Indoor aquatic pa… more

  • Swimming in the Fast Lane - January 1, 1992

    What makes water fast?
    By Joe Hunsaker | 1992
    Aquatics International

    Speed in the water is the goal of the world-class sw… more

  • Pools from the Ground Up - January 1, 1990

    Indoor swim centers are growing in popularity, but to obtain a sophisticated yet affordable facility, careful attent… more

  • Supersizing Your Existing Swimming Pool - January 1, 1990

    Analyzing Options for an Aging Aquatic Facility
    By Scot Hunsaker | 1990
    Athletic Business
    See if this story sounds fami… more