You’re here to make history.

We share the desire to create a facility that becomes legendary – we feel the same passion. We also get the real-world challenges every project faces. Operating from the center of innovation and mission, we work to ensure visionary collaboration and the consistent pursuit of excellence among a project’s many contributors.

Experience, quite frankly, is what gives us the confidence to make such a promise. Our team has decades of expertise in the national and international arena. Our proven approach provides creative solutions that transcend from the dream to reality. Our experience allows communication between the design team and the client to be incredibly easy and efficient, and our in-depth understanding of means, methods and techniques contractors use in the field allows for effective construction administration.

Whether your firm has been commissioned to create a public leisure pool, a water park or an international competition venue, Counsilman-Hunsaker is a pivotal resource for your team, providing critical services such as:

  • Visioning workshops:  Developing a common vocabulary of the experiential goals for the uses of the aquatic facility and solutions to provide the desired results.  The result is a design program analysis.
  • Opinion of Project Costs are based on an international database of current costs that can be applied to different levels of design detail.
  • Operational Analysis:  Often the one-time development costs are most easy to address. In order to facilitate knowledgeable decisions, long-term economic analysis can assist in design choices that will last 50 to 100 years.
  • Lessons learned from 40 years of experience will be shared with the project team in a design considerations discussion of solutions and challenges.
  • Construction Documents and Specifications.
  • Construction Administration Services including submittal review and on-site observation.

Architectural firm clients enjoy partnering with us because our services include:

Plans. Counsilman-Hunsaker’s technical plans and specifications are considered by many to be the best in the industry with tighter bids, fewer change orders, and less dependence on contingencies. The result is a high quality facility at fair market prices and lower life cycle costs.

Close out. Commissioning and close out is key to a successful completion. During close out, we confirm that the pools are constructed according to the plans and specifications and submit a final report to the client. A one-year pre-warranty anniversary examination is also available.

Operations. Operators of new pools and their support features now require a higher level of hands-on training. We provide job-specific training aids and site-specific instructions to reduce callbacks and ensure a more successful method than ‘trial and error.’

Audits. All too often, owners misread the symptoms and implications of an aging complex. Our thorough evaluation of an existing facility can provide a valuable professional analysis of what can be done to extend a facility’s life.