You’re here to create memories.

You remember your community pool from your childhood. It is the springboard for some of your fondest moments — moments that helped to shape you and your community. You have the opportunity to shape moments for children and everyone in your community for their future. It’s a powerful opportunity and it only comes once. How can you do it right?

What does this future look like? Your community is not the community of your childhood. Every community is different and has different needs and aspirations. And there are as many different ways to shape your  aquatic facility. Does your community desire recreation? Competitive swimming and lessons? Fitness and therapy? Every kind of aquatic facility has value to a different community and they each have different ways of sustaining themselves both fiscally and in terms of maintenance.

Planning. To build a vision for your community’s aquatic facility, you first need to determine your community’s capabilities and desires. At Counsilman-Hunsaker, we’ve seen this process through hundreds of times, and we’ve learned the important questions to be answered. What do the stakeholders in your community want? What aquatic facilities already exist? What is missing? What amenities, realistically, can be built to meet those desires? What will it cost to build these? What will it cost to maintain? And what is the revenue potential for each solution? Once these questions are answered, design can begin.

Design. First you need a design team that specializes in aquatics. They will help select a site and help to plan the development for that site. They will also help by designing the look and appeal of the elements to meet the vision. Your community’s vision is aimed at particular activities and speak to your community’s unique values. The design should be aimed at serving those activities and informed by those values. And ultimately, the design should serve the budget and fiscal operational expectations defined in your community’s vision.

You Are Important. It is possible to build a brand new and functionally obsolete pool. It simply isn’t true that if you build it they will come. Communities must look to the future and you, the community member, are fundamental to this process. You can bring this to your community’s attention. You can make it a part of your community’s agenda. It’s not uncommon for it to take as much as three years to bring the idea for a new pool to reality. In that time, it is important for you to make your voice heard, and maybe even be the catalyst for getting the process to begin.